Victor Agruso, a business executive with HR and management consulting experience


HR Transformations that Last – Case Study Summary

We recently completed the deployment of an ambitious HR transformation initiative for one of the largest healthcare organizations in the United States.  Ambitious is an understatement. The subject organization, henceforth referred to as “the company,” “the enterprise,” or “the organization,” has well over 100,000 employees across more than 200 hospitals and continuing care locations in […]

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Do’s and Don’ts for Successful Organizational Alignment

Fact or fiction?: A multibillion-dollar service organization with 100,000 employees in two dozen states and a double-digit share of a highly fragmented marketplace could grow to that point without ever deciding what kind of company it wanted to be.  Answer: Fact. Surprisingly, this company’s situation is not an anomaly. Companies achieve blue-chip status all the […]

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Key Principles for Creating Organizational Alignment: What You Need to Know

Aligning a complex organization is easier said than done. While we all intuitively understand the benefits of organizational alignment and the general processes by which it’s done, actually achieving that alignment is not a sure bet. Even when successful in a narrow sense, alignment initiatives very often have unintended consequences that leave parts of an […]

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These Common Organization Misalignments Could Compromise Your Business

A complex organization is a dynamic entity operating in a dynamic environment. That dynamism is a double-edged sword that simultaneously creates opportunities for growth and competitive advantage while holding the ever-present threat of misalignment over decision-makers’ heads. Organizational misalignments come in many different forms. Often, misalignments arise when support functions (say, HR or accounting) implement […]

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These Are the Four Main Types of Work (And Why They Matter)

Not all work is the same. You know this already, of course. But perhaps you haven’t had the opportunity to think deeply about how one particular unit of work differs from another. Or even how many such differences exist within your organization’s workflows. The good news is that distinguishing between different types of work requires […]

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Is Your Organization Adequately Aligned? How to Tell

Writing for Harvard Business Review in early 2017, Jonathan Trevor and Barry Varcoe delivered a concise, layperson-friendly overview of the value of organizational alignment.  The pair focused on the five independent components that contribute to strategic alignment. Done properly, these five components can collectively make the difference between a poorly aligned organization that fails to […]

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